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Crime Scene Cleaner- Funeral Home Dirty The Whole House

The funeral service contracted by the family was disappointing, after more than 8 days the body was located by the neighbors in an apartment of approximately fifty square meters.
A man who probably had a heart attack, left his ex-wife and stepdaughter who had to take care of every procedure without children.
Speaking of the funeral home staff, they didn't want to go up with the coffin that collects the body, it was exposed at the entrance of the building, giving an air of sadness as usual.
I've never seen a private funeral service that messes everything up!
After being authorized by the fire department and the police, they entered and wrapped the body in sheets and went downstairs. Without any care and preparation, they left the building dirty and contaminating everything with bodily waste.
It follows a disrespect to a life that was gone, without having the work of properly packing the body and still putting the lives of other people at risk due to contamination of bodily fluids left on the staircase of the building.
I confess that this time we were studying where to start the cleaning, we would have to go down two flights of stairs, there are no elevators in the building and we were on the second floor, we had to go down a fridge, a totally contaminated sofa, a stove, a washing machine and a wooden bookcase that was also dirty and unusable. All these objects were carefully packed and sanitized so as not to contaminate the common areas of the building.
Flies flew over every apartment and larvae climbed the walls and some escaped through the drain of the bathroom that was open entering other apartments.
The neighbor on the floor below asked us what to do, if we were going to apply some product to kill the larvae. We apply insecticide inside the pipe from the apartment bathroom.
The rain outside was intense, we started at 9 am in a peripheral neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. My biggest concern was to finish the work before dark because the place was a crime risk area.
As always, each case is different, but the odor is the same one known by our team that has worked for years cleaning areas contaminated by body fluids.
We spray the entire area to neutralize the odor, immediately remove what is contaminated (sofa, sheets, refrigerator, etc…)
Every scene we clean we try to imagine what the last minutes of that person would have been like there in that place.
Everything seems to be that he still tried to open the door, as his body was found right on the way out and was probably between the couch and the floor.
The kitchen was not able to prepare any food, we deduce that he bought food. The shower didn't work, we removed several mugs that were possibly used for bathing. The washing machine in the laundry area was shorted the panel was melted a high risk of fire.
After 8 hours of intense work, we left the place completely clean and disinfected. We took the opportunity to sanitize the handrails and stairs where the funeral home passed with the body and where we circulated with the objects.
Under a rain that started at 10 am and at 7:30 pm it was still constant we said goodbye to the people who hired us, wishing them good luck and that they don't have to go through such a situation anymore.
We saw the gratitude in the eyes of mother and daughter for the work done by AttualeBrasil.


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