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Cleanup of accumulations

Just as we were the first to clean places with death, we were also the first to perform the cleaning service in places of compulsive accumulation. Attuale Brasil explains a little about this disease and we know that it is important for family, friends and neighbors to help in whatever way they can to alleviate this suffering. We work in the intervention of unhealthy places, cleaning and restoring these environments, bringing quality of life to all the people involved.

Little is said in Brazil, but compulsive hoarding or pathological hoarding is a disorder that leads the person to accumulate objects that often can even come from the garbage. It is a chronic disease, difficult to control and tends to worsen with advancing age.

This habit of compulsive hoarders, until 2013, was considered a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but from this year on, because it is such a specific disease and that generates so much damage to the individual, it was considered an entity, that is, an isolated disease.