About Us

Attuale Brasil was founded in 2010 by an enterprising and optimistic duo who identified the need for a specialized service in cleaning and disinfecting environments. Since then, the company has taken well-being and quality to all its customers.

As the first Brazilian company to offer Forensic Cleaning and Disinfection of contaminated areas, the Attuale Brasil team was trained in Europe and the United States.

Since its foundation, the organization has already surpassed the numerical mark of 1000 cleanings and sanitizations, working mainly in cleaning and disinfection of places of great national repercussion.

In 2019, the UOL platform interviewed Attuale Brasil, highlighting forensic cleaning services and compulsive accumulation or pathological accumulation, also known as Diogenes Syndrome.

In 2019, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were the only ones to act in hundreds of companies decontaminating areas affected by the virus, these services, which were only offered by Attuale Brasil.

In 2020, AttualeBrasil was on the breakfast program TV Cultura Litoral – Sistema Costa Norte de TV and in the same year on TV Record News presenting our technologies and the effectiveness of the chemicals used by Attuale Brasil.

Why Update?

Sanitation and disinfection actions are separated by priority classes. Thus, before starting the services, professionals identify in which of these areas each place fits in order to carry out proper cleaning. In this case, the areas are:

We have achieved up to a log 6 reduction in bacterial, fungal and yeast contamination.

All results of our work are confirmed by microbiological tests in a certified laboratory.

Minimal intervention by personnel during the disinfection process. Eliminate the risk of recurring human error in manual processes. Greater occupational safety.

System of


Attuale Brasil's high-tech DryFog System provides a quick, easy and safe solution for sanitizing critical areas. The combination of application technology with high-level disinfection chemicals has gained prominence in industries that require microbiological effectiveness with low humidity and cost in complex areas.

Ultra-small drops of our disinfectant solution are produced by microscopically agitating these molecules. The result is a disinfection process with high dispersion power, low humidity, great penetrability and high efficiency. Due to their size, the drops behave like a gas, colliding and returning, not wetting the surface.

The ultrasonic disinfection device is capable of generating dense clouds of submicron droplets – less than ten microns. The small droplet size allows the sterilant/disinfectant to retain the chemical properties of its liquid source, while still behaving like “a gas”, achieving diffusion and penetration capabilities that are far superior to any other method. The Appliance offers coverage and three-dimensional (3-D) treatment, ideal for large areas, multiple connected spaces, complex, long and vertical geometries. The result is complete coverage of the environment and treatment of all exposed surfaces. In addition, the submicron droplets allow the process to leave only an extremely thin film deposition on the surfaces, which quickly evaporates at the end of the cycle, leaving a dry post-treatment environment and providing immediate return to the environment.