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Cleaning and Sanitation of Clean Rooms

Experience and High Technology

For more than 11 years in the market, Attuale Brasil offers solutions in Disinfection and Sanitation of Clean Rooms for all the environments mentioned above. Our highly trained and qualified team uses advanced technology to disinfect these environments.

The technologies used by our company are able to occupy 100% of the spaces, without leaving the environment humid, delivering to our customer
superior levels in quality established according to the Air purity classes. Delivering your Bio-safe room!
Count on our high technology and obtain the best results in your final production.

What is a

clean room?

A cleanroom (or clean area) is extremely critical for industries as it is an environment in which air cleanliness and other parameters are controlled, monitored and recorded (temperature, humidity, pressure, particles and airflow).

This enables products to be manufactured in the most hygienic way possible.

In this way, modifications to the product are prevented and it is ensured that it reaches the final consumer with quality and safety.

It is an extremely common environment in laboratories, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, beverage, cosmetic, veterinary, electronic, research centers, hospitals, among others.

Keeping a place prepared for the handling of medicines and products of various genres is essential. And cleanrooms are ideal for preserving the microbiological and physical qualities of products. That is, the environment is designed so that the conditions of texture, color, consistency, among others, are not altered. In addition, precisely because it is a controlled environment, there is no contamination in the production process.