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Is dried blood dangerous?

Is dried blood contagious?

The most common blood-borne pathogens are HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

When the blood is completely dry, the above-mentioned pathogens will likely be extinct. the same applies to some of the less common blood-borne pathogens

but that doesn't necessarily mean dried blood is safe. Pathogens can change over time, and no one can say that there will come a time when dried blood cannot contain live, dangerous pathogens.
Furthermore, there is always the risk that someone will think that the blood present has dried completely. 
If the blood is not completely dry, there is a real chance that live pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or something even more dangerous are still present in the blood.
For this reason, care should always be taken when cleaning blood, even if it appears to have dried. As with all other things in life, prevention is better than cure.
There is also the next point that must be taken into consideration. Bloodborne pathogens are capable of contaminating other biological materials such as various forms of bodily fluids and tissues
So if you find dried blood and you're not sure what else is in the environment, be very careful and use the correct personal protective equipment for cleanup. If you are looking for specialized cleaning services for contaminated sites from Attuale Brasil


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