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Who we are

Specialized in cleaning and disinfecting contaminated, unhealthy places or spaces with a high risk of contamination.

Prepared for intervention in the disinfection, decontamination and deodorization of places at risk to public health, guaranteeing the health and usability of the safe space, free of pathogenic microorganisms, which transmit diseases, many of them deadly.


We have solved the problems of Compulsive Accumulation, better known as Hoarding, in the total removal of its contaminated content, removal of residues (“garbage”), as well as in the total disinfection and purification (air treatment) of its interior.


ATTUALE BRASIL is trained for interventions in risky, unhealthy places or with effective contamination by pathogenic microorganisms (eg viruses, bacteria and fungi).


We operate in decontamination and cleaning in industrial kitchens, problems of fire environments removing soot and restoring the place, environments infested by pests, environments of death scenes among others.


Places contaminated by pests (eg rats, pigeons, etc.) are spaces with a high risk of contamination. Cleaning and making them healthy is one of the services that ATTUALE BRASIL specializes in. All of our technicians have adequate experience and we work under international safety standards to intervene in risky environments, where the presence of untrained people and / or personal protective equipment is never recommended, always with the risk of contamination and of contracting a disease. infection caused by a biological, chemical or toxic agent.


ATTUALE BRASIL is the first Brazilian company to perform such services. Created in 2010, it has been updated and always obtaining the best qualification for the excellence of the work it performs, having performed hundreds of cleanings in disinfection and restoration of fire places, contaminated environments and compulsive accumulation.


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