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Programs for veterinary clinics

The importance of disinfecting veterinary environments

Veterinary practices are critical areas for the spread of pathogens that can persist on surfaces for years.

These sites are reservoirs of multidrug-resistant microorganisms to antibiotics. Therefore, the correct sterilization of materials and the disinfection of environments are mandatory in any veterinary

Disinfecting environments is one of the main measures to prevent the spread of disease. The disinfection process is the elimination of vegetative forms, existing on inanimate surfaces, through the
application of chemical and / or physical agents. This is a fundamental measure for the safety of humans and animals. 


Programs for clinics and polyclinics


Clinics and Hospitals

Cleaning and disinfecting equipment, surfaces and environments are necessary to reduce the incidence of infections acquired by patients in clinics and hospitals.

In the USA, this problem is regularly reported and reaches 1.7 million cases per year with a mortality rate of 100,000 patients and a loss of US $ 20 billion (The Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion 2010).

In Brazil, infection in health care is very relevant and causes numerous victims and losses to society.

Do I need to hire a specialized company?

The people responsible for carrying out this work, need to receive specific training on how to correctly handle and apply hospital chemicals and disinfectants, as well as guidance on cleaning critical and non-critical areas, as well as knowing the disinfection protocols.

So the answer is yes! The ideal is that you hire ATTUALE BRASIL professionals specialized in cleaning clinics and medical offices, after all, the health of your patients is the most important for you!

Cleaning work in clinics and hospitals to control infections must be constant, with methods and technology always up to date. Thus, it is necessary to be attentive and combat ignorance and the use of inappropriate or uncontrolled sterilization procedures. There is also the resistance of several types of viruses and bacteria and the lack of professional care in these situations. All of this has contributed to the increase in cases of virus infections.