Aircraft and Vessels

THE aircraft washing service deep cleaning of all seats and external and internal areas can be contemplated.

In addition, the aircraft washing service it can be done dry, using ecologically correct products, all to meet safety and conservation specifications.

Internal cleaning is performed by the aircraft washing service, it encompasses walls, ceilings, belts and armchairs. Specific products and procedures ensure deep cleaning, as well as the revitalization of materials and accessories.

THE aircraft washing service you can contemplate the hydration of the leather in the armchairs, which is carried out through products that guarantee the balance of the PH and protect from ultraviolet rays, in order to avoid drying and cracking. 

The external cleaning, offered by the aircraft washing service, can also be carried out with dry cleaning, which includes a cleaning and conservation process against corrosion by exposure to time and weather and by wet washing, which is performed with a shampoo with neutral PH, which eliminates dirt without harming aircraft paint and metallic items. 

THE aircraft washing service is extremely important, but requires some special care. When cleaning the external parts of the aircraft, it is necessary to carefully follow the procedures described in the aircraft maintenance manuals. 

Washings using high pressure, for example, are not recommended for cleaning the external parts of aircraft, which include the landing gear and engines, as this type of cleaning can remove grease from the wheel bearings. Improper procedures can generate future problems, so pay attention to the services offered by companies.

Vessel cleaning

Owning a boat is a pleasure and a privilege for lovers of nautical life.

Whether with family, friends or even alone, we will agree that sailing is among one of the wonders of our lives – the feeling of peace and freedom it brings us is unique! Nonetheless, owning a Boat requires some attention, including the maintenance of boats and speedboats, essential for safe navigation. For this reason, ATTUALEBRASIL has the ideal service of Conservation for your Vessel.

Ecological Cleaning
Service performed without the use of water and with biodegradable products, which guarantee a cleaner vessel for longer and an ecological 100% cycle. We seek to follow the standards according to the manufacturer's manual, from the protection of components to specific cleaning procedures.

internal hygiene
The internal cleaning and sanitization service aims to eliminate dirt from walls, floors, ceiling and other surfaces. We revitalize upholstery, leather and other fabric accessories.

Carpet cleaning
For vessels that have carpets, we have created a differentiated service for cleaning and sanitizing without the use of water and without the need to remove the carpet from the vessel. We apply products to eliminate fungi, bacteria and remove stains and odors.

leather hydration
Made with exclusive products that guarantee a balanced pH to the leather, providing a longer useful life, as they penetrate the pores, preventing drying and cracking. In addition to keeping the leather soft with its original characteristics.